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So guys, Football Manager 2011 (referred to as FM from here on in) was released recently. Are we all enjoying it, and all the managerial goodness and stress that comes with it? I hope so.

This year I thought I’d do things a little differently. Instead of flitting around the dizzying heights of the Champions League, and delving into the potentially limitless transfer funds of the top leagues, I’ve went back to grass roots level. That is to say, the Blue Square Bet South league. With Chelmsford City. Never heard of them? Neither have I. Bring on the fun.

Of course, what’s the fun without an overlying challenge? Fear not, I even have one of those. In ten years time, Chelmsford City will be playing Champions League football (through league finish or cup, I’m not particularly fussed), without ever spending over £1 million on a single player. Doesn’t that just make things so much more interesting?

As far as updates go, I’ll post one round about the end of every transfer window. I might make exceptions for particularly exciting events or signings, but it’s unlikely. Also, don’t expect miracles from me. I’m going to shamelessly defend, park that metaphorical bus right across the goal line (Walter Smith eat your heart out), and hit teams on the counter. 1-0 suits me fine.

So yeah, that’s all I have for now. Look forward to the next update, when I’ll inform you of transfers, give you a rough guide to my preferred starting eleven (once I discover it for myself), and a quick insight into the start of the season. Ciao for now.